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World Competition Rating Directory grades and monitors all games, competitions and awards to ensure the competitions included in the Directory have reached certain requirements and standards. The Directory is open to the public and let the public understand the situations, levels and accreditation of the competitions. The Directory serves as a guideline for public participation and professional reference for participants.

Ratings and Groupings

'Groups' are categorized according to the region of competitions, rating from world-class competitions (Group A) to non-open competitions (Group E). According to the accreditation, reputation, standards, fairness and event arrangements, rates are categorized as Class * * * *(4 stars) to * (1 star) and class 0. Class * * * * (4 stars) competitions are regarded as the top competitions.

Field Classifications

The Directory contains competitions of different fields, including sports, arts, science, mathematics, commerce & finance, as well as local entertainment games. The competitions included are open for public nomination and application by the organizers. After contacting the judge panels, the Association will distribute the competitions’ ratings and classifications.

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