Non-local Competitions

Accepting participation of non-local persons, and the territories of the competition is limited to a single region

For inclusion in groupings

  1. Number of participating countries/regions
  2. Number of the countries/regions of participants and competitions
  3. Number of countries of the persons involved

Core criteria

  1. Accreditation/Accredited institution/Accredited by academic institution/Accredited by the government
  2. Reputation
  3. Information of the competition
  4. Fairness and transparency
  5. Quality of the judge panel
  6. Background/standard/reputation of the organizer
  7. Levels of difficulty

Additional criteria

  1. Prospects of the winner
  2. Number of participants
  3. Administrative arrangement
  4. Workflow and arrangements
  5. Convenience for competitors
  6. Continuity
  7. Sponsorship/Co-organizer/Co-sponsor/Contractor
  8. Safety
C****Top competitions; well-known among the public or people of the field; applied by the organizer, recognized by professional practitioners or nominated by the Association.
C***Highly recognized; the level of competition and arrangements having high specification standards. The results of the competition can be used as professional reference and indicator for the field.
C**Competitions having accreditation; having certain requirements on the standard and arrangements of the competition. The results can be used as reference.
C*The competition passes basic assessment and monitor; having certain basic standards and requirements on the arrangements.
CReceived nomination information from competitors or the public but the rating has not been proceeded
C0* Unclassified competitions after assessment and did not reach the basic requirements.

Competition List

"Guido Cantelli" International Conducting Competition

Italy, Novara

"In Musica" • Roma International Music Festival and Piano Competition

Italy, Rome

"Samson" International Dance Contest

Russian Federation, St. Petersburg

24 Snapshots of Bikes Photo Contest

Canada, N/A

2° Campeonato Colombiano de Trepa de Árboles, Cali 2020

United States of America, Cali, Valle del Cauca

35AWARDS Photo Contest

Canada, N/A